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Dark Fantasy

Ashes of Aldyr
Book One of The Obscured Throne Trilogy (2021)

The world of Alda is broken, destroyed by an event the survivors call "The Rupture." The aldyrs, magical trees connected to the soul of the world which once grew in breathtaking groves, are dead. Elf-kind, who shared a close bond with these trees, are dying out as a result. The dwarves have retreated into their mountain homes. Humans gather in crumbling settlements. Sinister, god-like beings, each uniquely horrific, exert their influences over the world. Each story is a different thread forming a larger tapestry that shows the scope of the horror and insanity brought by the elusive and mind-numbing entity known as the Obscure Throne. The world was once saved from this threat and Alda was hidden and sealed away by 55 seals. Now, an ancient and shadowy cult called the Black Gnarl have broken enough seals to expose Alda to the Obscure Throne...and It's coming.

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Aldyr Cover.png
Aldyr Cover.png


Kerry B.

"This is easily one of the strongest starts to a series I have read for a long time and I cannot wait to get my hands on book two."

Angela H.

"This is a bit of a multi-layered story- with a bit of a dystopian feel in places. The storyline is quite original, with lots of dramatic developments and other clever and unique touches that made the story an intense page turner."

Laurene H.

"The author knew exactly what they were doing when they wrote this! Yes, I was highly impressed the story keeps you interested and brings more things to light when you think you have figured something out, its gripping and full of amazement even at the dark moments!"

Epic Fantasy

The Seven Spires

An incredible high fantasy adventure set in a world based on familiar fairy tales, folklore, and mythology, "The Seven Spires" is an epic story of dragons, magic, conquering evil, and discovering magnificent new places.

​When a fearsome creature known as Wyvern begins terrorizing Emrallt, one of the seven realms of the continent of Septer, a group of heroes are brought together seemingly by fate to rally against him. A prince, warrior, wizard, and mysterious, sorceress-like sybil try to discover why a common maiden could be the best chance their kingdoms have against Wyvern’s growing forces that threaten to dominate each and every one of the ancient, arcane spires that bind their kingdoms, and world, together.

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Spires Cover.jpg
Spires Cover high res.png


Merissa A.

 The pacing is smooth as it leads to the ultimate climax, with a satisfying epilogue to let us know how the characters get on once the book ends. If you are a fan of high fantasy, then I have no hesitation in recommending this novel to you. 


Once I started reading this story I was not putting it down. It reminded me in a way of the Lord of the Rings with all its adventure,villains, wizards, friends, and romance. This is the first book by this Author that I have read but I will be looking for more by him.

MJ Trigueiro

The seven spires tells the story of a prince's saga and his adventures in the quest to save the maiden. The book has all the ingredients that should have a classic fairy tale, and the story is easy and pleasant to read, so I really recommend reading it.

Short Stories

Fever Dreams
from Sanitarium Magazine Issue 3

Featured in Sanitarium Magazine's revamped third issue, "Fever Dreams" follows the curator, Mr. Usher, of a boutique art gallery as he deals with the strange artist named Mors. Usher comes to realize that everything about Mors, from his paintings to his equally odd but seductive assistant, is more terrifying than strange.

Sanitarium 3.jpg

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Who Dwell Among Us
from Sanitarium Magazine Issue 38

From Sanitarium Magazine's reprinted archives comes a tale of cosmic horror. 

In 1980's New York, a young professor's friend goes missing after returning from an archeological trip overseas. The young man continues to search for her after a terrified final message on his answering machine, but his discoveries reveal things beyond what any human mind should know.

Sanitarium 38.jpg

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